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How it works

There is a new way to prepare your equipment for maintenance or to repair it – have the Merrick Tool Team remove the studs quickly [minutes – not hours] , maintain your operating equipment’s integrity and do it safely.
“This technology is the NEW STANDARD for removing studs quickly, safely and cost-effectively.”


“If we had tried to take those studs out ourselves, it would have taken us three or four days for each one and would have cost $3,500 to $5,000 per stud. Merrick only took five minutes each to remove them, and needless to say, it cost us a great deal less than it would have otherwise.” ~~ Eddie Coleman, machine shop supervisor, Eastman Chemical, Longview, TX “Merrick was there with their stud removal tools. They gave us a demo on some components that failed out of a power company, and we were all taken by how quickly he was able to remove studs. That’s a pretty big thing in the industry. ~~ Robert Brumbaugh, Reliant Energy Mid-Atlantic, Johnstown, PA

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We know the importance of “critical path” repair and maintenance programs. We can prevent expensive downtown and resolved unexpected and unnecessary delays through our patent tool removal system process. When you need immediate help – we are the ones to call. Please call us at (405) 952-7877

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